Ah, the grand old British summer. It’s hot one minute The next; you’ll see the slightest drizzle coming down.
The solution to not having musical chairs inside and outside? A Gazebo.

The most effective gazebos protect you from the sun’s rays and provide shelter for rain showers. In addition, specific models will have removable sides that can be removed to provide additional protection from rain and wind.

If you’re in the market for a nautical or Scandi style, We’ve got you covered with the top gazebos to set your garden up for the spring season below. This is the perfect time to start the British barbecue season and enjoy them and enjoy the weather without worry.
Are you planning to host a handful of garden parties post-lockdown? We’re here to help. Make sure the sun isn’t in your guests’ eyes by installing this elegant white gazebo. It is made of water-resistant material that is waterproof, meaning that even a tiny amount of rain will not hinder your enjoyment.

One review said: “Very easy to put up and just required one person. Durable and keeps the gentle rain off. We are very happy and have already ordered another.”
Take your alfresco meal with no worries because of the gazebo that keeps the scorching sun’s rays and rain from your face.

This is great for gatherings in the garden. However, it could also be used for a camping trip and is a significant investment.

This pop-up folding pavilion folds up and is easy to put together, and will add a nice hint of Scandi style to your garden.

One happy customer commented: “Had a few friends about, but wanted to enjoy a social move around the garden. there was a forecast of thunderstorms, but we didn’t intend to cancel. It was perfect and stood up well to massive storms.”
Imagine that you’ve got a party planned, and the forecast for weather is somewhat uncertain. This gazebo will make sure that your event is managed without worry about the occasional rain shower.

The gazebo pops up has a highly sturdy steel frame coated with powder, four side panels that can be attached, and a roll-up door to provide full coverage.

“Prompt service and a reasonable cost for the product,” said one reviewer. “Easy to set up and take down. It can accommodate two benches as well as an elongated table in the interior and plenty of space to socially distancing.”
This sturdy gazebo is entirely waterproof (as opposed to showerproof) can mean that the party will not stop if the heavens let loose.

The simple design of the pop-up allows it to be assembled in a matter of minutes if the weather decides to take a surprising turn. It includes four weight bags and can be positioned on any surface, from patios to grass and decking.

One reviewer told us: “A very well made product. It includes an winter storage wheelie bag and the canvas feels sturdy. It will require two people to put it up it. Once it’s up it can fold with the roof in place for storage convenience.”
The All Season’s gazebo is gorgeous above but prefers something with sides? There’s a solution for you (literally).

The completely waterproof sides are joined to them using zips, and you can use the entire set or even a handful of side panels at a given time to create a flexible piece. So if you’re planning to cover the guests at a barbecue or in a hot tub, this gazebo will make sure you’re safe and enable you to go outside regardless of the weather.
We love that this gazebo can be removed sides that allow you to place it up to shield yourself from the sun’s rays and then put the sides off if the weather gets windier or rain begins to fall.

It’s simple to put together. It comes with four refillable leg weight bags that will keep it strong in bad weather. It also includes a travel bag to make storage easy and makes it easy to pack for your next camping trip or staycation excursion.